_The Humane Society for Intellectual Necrophilia (HGGN) was founded by Péter Farkas on September 22, 1989, in Cologne. The activities of the Society spanned three connected areas. It published a multimedia-based art edition (Edition Necrophil), and it conducted two kinds of events: the so-called Mental Cabinets of the Bizarre and Installation Parties.
_The organizational framework of HGGN/Edition Necrophil was run by Cologne-based publisher Verlag IL (before: Verlag Irodalmi Levelek). At the end of the 80s, the publisher issued a Hungarian-language magazine series with works of fiction by authors such as e.g. György Konrád etc. Hungarian-language activities were discontinued in 1989.
_The founding document of Edition Necrophil, resp. “A number of subjective, pseudo-philosophical considerations, which have led to the birth of the term intellectual necrophilia can be found here.
_HGGN/Verlag IL issued approx. 45 art editions as part of Edition Necrophil. Participating artists include i.a. Hermann Nitsch (1938, A), Curtis Anderson (1956, USA), Ro.Ka.Wi. (1952, D), Jürgen Klauke (1943, D), Boris Nieslony (1945, D), Roland Bergère (F), Danny Devos/Club Moral (B), Tom Dokoupil (1959, D), Attila Kovács (1938-2017, H/D), Group 15th November (active 1989-ca.1995), Endre Tót (1937, H/D), Larry Miller (1944, USA) etc. etc.
_In addition, three Mental Cabinets of the Bizarre were established by Group 15th November, by Nicole Guiraud (F)/Boris Nieslony (D) and by Roland Bergère (F); one Installation Party (Bizarre Christmas) was organized with i.a. Jürgen Klauke (D), Roland Bergère (F), Boris Nieslony (D), Ro.Ka.Wi. (D), Danny Devos (B) and multiple activities/exhibitions were set up during that time, e.g. the Last Day Issue in memory of Fluxus (Fluxus/’luxus) at the Ultimate Akademie / Ultimate Academy (founded by Al Hansen) in 1992 or the exhibition Voids (Sex makes me glad, sad, mad) by Endre Tót.
_The art book series The White Book was edition no. 1 of Edition Necrophil, The Virtual Diary was an activity run by Verlag IL and ASA-European at the Moltkerei Werkstatt within the interactive TV project Piazza Virtuale / Quantenpool Köln at documenta 9 (1992).
_The Humane Society for Intellectual Necrophilia was never officially “disbanded” but halted its activities as HGGN at latest 1995/1996.