big columbarium

„Plans for the Big Columbarium came to fruition at the same time as for the exhibition, but because they only had the opportunity to make just a sample from the very first moment, the plans for the entire installation were forgotten…“ >>> txt >>  en > hu

Big columbarium (draft) – Raumplan: 10,3×8,4 m, Innenhöhe mindestens 5 m. Stirnwand mit großem Bild (I), 6,4×4,2 m, davor eine Steinschüttung, ca. 40-50 cm hoch, 7,4 m lang. Die gegeüberliegende Wand mit einem kleineren Bild (II), 2×1 m. Vor den Wänden 16 Tischinstallationen nach dem Konzept Totentaufe. // Room plan: Size: 10.3×8.4 m, internal hight min. 5 m. Front wall with large picture (I), 6.4×4.2 m, in front of it stone pile, approx. 40-50 cm high, 7.4 m long. Opposing wall with smaller picture (II), 2×1 m. In front of the walls: 16 table installations based on the concept of Dead Christening.