mis-se(e)d ancestors

„One day, he laid four carefully folded terry cloth hand towels on top of one another beside the mattress and gave one to Mary after every act. Mary wiped herself thoroughly and gave the towel back to Josef…“ >>> txt >>  en > hu

Mis-se(e)d Ancestors / Versamte _ Versäumte Ahnen – Ahnenwand: 104x38x19 cm, Zink mit montierten Stoffhandtüchern, Papierstickern und Plastik-Gußformen in der Form eines Kinderkopfes; Engelkopf aus Holz mit Silberspray lackiert, 12x7x6 cm; Bildrahmen aus Metall, 9,5×13 cm; Säule aus Pappe, mit einer Kordelschnur umwickelt und mit Silberspray lackiert, Höhe ca. 53 cm, Durchmesser ca. 11 cm // Ancestorswall: 104x38x19 cm, cink with mounted fabric towels, paper stickers and plastic moulds shaped as child heads; wooden angel head, coated with silver spray, 12x7x6 cm; metal picture frame, 9.5×13 cm; cardboard column wrapped with cord and coated with silver spray, height approx. 53 cm, diameter approx. 11 cm.